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  • This is a 40" piece of replacement silicone tubing for the Vapir Rise Vaporizer. We recommend that you replace your tubing every 3-4 months for optimum performance.

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  • This is 3ft of clear medical grade replacement tubing that is designed for use with the Arizer Extreme Q or V-Tower Vaporizer.

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  • This is replacement vinyl tubing for any type of Whip-Style Vaporizer. It's constructed from Food Grade Quality Vinyl tubing and ensures the most pleasurable vaporizing experience possible. The hose is made with 3/8 inch inner diameter that allows it to slip on or off your wand or any other vaporizing accessories. It currently comes in either 3ft. or 10ft. length.

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  • This is approx. 3' of clear replacement hose/tubing specially designed to fit any Vapor Brothers Vaporizer. The tubing is made from Class IV medical grade vinyl and is BPA/DEHP free.

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  • 3-Pack of Vapir Replacement Tube Attachments for N02, 02 Mini and 5.0 One digital vaporizers. The tubes have been fully tested and has been certified to be in full compliance with California (California Assembly Bill No. 1108 Section 2 Chapter 11) and FDA (US FDA 21 CFR 177.1975) regulations.

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Vaporizer Whip Tubing

Whip-style vaping is a popular inhalation method in which the user draws vapor through a rubber tube (known as a whip) with a mouthpiece and wand connector on either end. Vaporizer whips are generally used with desktop vaporizers. They extend the vapor path to give vapor more time to cool off, resulting in smoother hits. They come in a variety of materials, even colors, and can usually be customized with different mouthpieces and wands depending on your preference.

A vaporizer whip is made of food grade tubing, which can come in different varieties of rubber. As grime builds up on this tubing over time, it's recommended that your vaporizer whip is replaced every three to four months to keep your vapor production pure, and your vaporizer performance optimal. Vaporizer whip mouthpieces and wands are usually made out of glass. The inert character of glass helps preserve the flavor and aroma of vapor as it travels down the vapor path.