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  • Piece Water Solution, the 100% natural replacement to your basic tap water. This proprietary blend of all natural mineral, vegetable and fruit extracts coats the walls of your glass to act as a line of defense. Reduce the smell between water changes and spend less time cleaning your glass.
    • 12oz Bottle
    • 100% Natural
    • Deeper Pulls

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  • With the Magical Butter Botanical Extractor, you can make your own herbal infused butter, oil and tinctures at home! Combining an immersion blender with a high-quality heating unit and digital thermostat, the Magical Butter machine grinds, heats, stirs, and steeps your herbal extracts.
    • 110v
    • Easy to Use
    • 4 Time/Temperature Settings

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  • Now that you've purchased a vaporizer, maintain your investment by ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of your vaporizing experience. This accessory kit includes everything you need to start vaporizing like a pro. Includes: 1 x Smoke Buddy Junior 1 x Tight Vac Container (.06L) 1 x Digital Pocket Scale 1 x 2-Piece Wooden Grinder 5 x NoGoo Wax Containers
    • 1 x Smoke Buddy Junior
    • 1 x Tight Vac Container (.06L)
    • 1 x Digital Pocket Scale

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  • Developed by Herbal Innovations, the Kind Ash Cache Tray is the perfect accessory for collecting all of your vaporized herbs. It features a high temp silicon (up to 600 degrees), spill proof design and will not break your glass. By utilizing a stainless steel design, the Kind Ash Cache Tray is painless to clean and it's durable construction will ensure a lifetime of use.
    • Spill Proof
    • Will Not Break Glass
    • Stainless Steel Body

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  • This magical potion transforms your favorite waxes, concentrates and other oils into E-Liquid form, allowing you to use with any oil (e-liquid) vaporizer. Size: 60ml
    • 60ml

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  • The Space Case Pollen Press turns finely ground kief into a disc form so you can easily break off portions for vaporization. Precision machined and made of aerospace-grade aluminum, the Space Case Pollen Press consists of polished metal pieces that fit perfectly: A main body, caps, and two Teflon-coated dowels. After using a grinder to break down dry herb, load the left-over pollen into the Space Case Pollen Press and twist it as tightly as possible. After reapplying pressure every two hours, for a total of eight hours of pressing, the Space Case Pollen Press will produce a disc-shaped piece of pollen. This disc is easier to store, travel with and load into a vaporizer or pipe.
    • Aerospace Aluminum
    • Precision Machined
    • Compounds Pollen

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  • Those who want full control over their wax concentrates with no unnatural additives need look no further than the Tarik Trex 1S Rosin Press. This easy-to-use DIY machine for extracting rosin from dry herb requires no foreign substances, just herb.
    • Dual Heating Plates
    • Travel-Friendly
    • Quick Heat Up

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Vaporizer Accessories

The vaping experience can be enhanced in many ways outside of the vaporizer one uses. Much importance should be placed on one's vaporizer of choice, as well as vaporization materials, but vape accessories also play an essential role in vaping. From spill-proof silicone ashtrays for vaporized herb to wooden grinders, there are a variety of vaporizer accessories for a more seamless vape session.