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  • The Martian by MJ Arsenal is the first ever pocket-sized bubbler for enjoying smoother hits from your joints and blunts. Fit your hand-rolled item into the bowl of the Martian and take a hit.
    • Works with Blunts and Joints
    • Water Filtration
    • Pendant Hook

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  • The MJ Arsenal Merlin Recycler is a super compact blunt bubbler that doubles as a mini dab rig. Fit your rolled joint or blunt into the Merlin's mouth and enjoy smooth, moisture-conditioned hits on-the-go.
    • Mini Joint/Blunt Bubbler
    • Recycler Water Filtration System
    • Dual Wax/Herb Compatible

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  • The Commander blunt bubbler is ready for battle with an extra thick and durable design and triple slit, base-connected percolator that delivers full-bodied blasts of smooth, potent vapor. Just fit your blunt or joint into the frosted port and light up.
    • 3.1mm Thickness
    • Triple Slit Diffuser
    • Army Tank Design

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  • The MJ Arsenal King Toke Blunt Bubbler puts a new twist on the original Martian bubbler, offering bigger, smoother tokes with a wider chamber and dual-slit diffuser. Featuring a unique pyramid design, the King Blunt Bubbler offers thorough water filtration with no risk of splash-back.
    • Mini Joint Bubbler
    • Dual-Slit Diffuser
    • Works with Most Joints and Blunts

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  • The MJ Arsenal Hydra Mini Rig lives up to its name with a stunning serpent-like water filtration system that cools and smooths dabs on-the-go. Featuring an advanced Klein recycler, the Hydra churns up a cyclone of cooling water that purifies and amplifies hits.
    • Spill-Resistant
    • Triple Hole Percolator
    • Borosilicate Glass

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Based in Denver, Colorado, MJ Arsenal breaks boundaries by introducing super compact twists on familiar glass pipe designs. From their groundbreaking Martian blunt bubbler to their palm-sized but powerful Hydra mini rig, MJ Arsenal has contributed a fresh approach to smoking with both patent-pending and patent-issued designs that offer travel-friendly, stealthy ways to explore dry herb and wax concentrates. Characterized by functionality, quality, uniqueness and uber-portability, MJ Arsenal pipes make smoking more discreet, satisfying and fun than what came before.


Best known for their lineup of mini bubblers and rigs, MJ Arsenal puts the power of water filtration in your pocket. Just fill these tiny but mighty mini water pipes with a little water and enjoy moisture-conditioned hits on-the-go. With airtight seals, premium glass, advanced water filtration systems, and ergonomic, functional designs, MJ Arsenal bubblers miniaturize traditional glass pipe designs without sacrificing vapor production. Carry these pocket-friendly companions with you anywhere and enjoy smoother, denser rips whenever you want.

Made of 100% borosilicate glass, MJ Arsenal pipes are durable and thermal-resistant with a clean and clear appearance. Extremely resistant to high temperatures, these premium mini pipes preserve the essential compounds found in dry herb and wax to deliver true flavor, aroma and effects with no added tastes or odors. Crack-proof and resistant to breakage, the high grade borosilicate glass used ensures long-lasting performance that can withstand any adventure. Beautifully crafted, MJ Arsenal pipes fuse style with sturdy structuring for reliable, enjoyable smoking every session.

Boasting new takes on familiar water filtration systems, each MJ Arsenal pipe offers a unique method for moisture-conditioning your rips. From the serpentine Klein recycler system of the MJ Arsenal Hydra to the extra-wide, pyramid-shaped water chamber of the King Toke bubbler, there is a world of new smoking experiences at your fingertips. MJ Arsenal rethinks traditional water filtration to offer denser, smoother vapor that can be enjoyed on-the-fly.


The most well-known offering from MJ Arsenal is their Martian blunt bubbler, a super compact water pipe that works with rolled joints and blunts of almost any thickness. This is the original Rollie Bubbler, and still considered the best out there. Simply place your rolled item in the port of the Martian and light up while inhaling through the mouthpiece. The blunt smoke will pass through a water filtration system, attaching to moisture while being purified of irritants. A carb cap enables you to manage airflow for fuller hits. The resulting pulls are surprisingly full-bodied, dense, and comfortable considering the pocket-friendly size of this innovative MJ Arsenal pipe. For on-the-go use, a pendant hook allows you to connect the Martian pipe to a necklace and carry it around with you in style. Before the Martian landed, it was impossible to enjoy smooth hits from a blunt. Now you can do it anywhere, anytime.


MJ Arsenal followed the success of the Martian with a bubbler that could handle wax concentrates, too. What they pulled out of their hat was the Merlin, a hybrid blunt bubbler and mini dab rig that adds a bit of magic to every session with seriously smooth vapor production no matter what material you're enjoying. When you're not loading the port with a freshly wrapped blunt, you can connect the included banger to it and dab your favorite wax concentrates. Boasting a 100% pure quartz crystal bucket, this premium MJ Arsenal rig summons up pure, complex, and intense flavors from oils while maintaining a silky profile that goes down easy. Featuring a recycler water filtration system, the Merlin bubbler and rig forces smoke into an upper chamber, repeatedly moisturizing, purifying and amplifying hits before delivering them directly to the lungs through an ergonomically curved mouthpiece. With a wizardly design that's just as playful as it is functional, the Merlin Bubbler casts an enchanting spell with super portable, high-performance water filtration.


A triple slit percolator, extra thick 3.1mm glass, and battle-ready Army tank design make the MJ Arsenal Commander blunt bubbler a steady and solid companion for enjoying water filtered blunt smoke on-the-go. Made of high grade borosilicate glass in a tactical green tint, the Commander bubbler is designed for extra durability, making it ready to go to battle on all fronts. This is the thickest of all MJ Arsenal pipes, enabling it to execute on its mission of delivering the best vapor anywhere, anytime. Equipped with a triple slit percolator, the Commander blasts direct-to-lung vapor that is triple moisture-conditioned for smoother inhales. A sturdy base keeps the piece upright when at rest, while an ergonomic design ensures comfortable portable use. For the dry herb enthusiast who wants to enjoy the best vapor on-the-go, the Commander by MJ Arsenal rises to the occasion.


Named after the mythical serpent-like monster, this premium MJ Arsenal mini rig lives up to the mythology with a snake-like water filtration system that sends dabs on a wet and wild ride. Boasting a miniaturized Klein recycler, the MJ Arsenal Hydra features two perc arms that guide hot vapors through a cyclone of cool water numerous times as you inhale purified, moisturized dabs. A flared mouthpiece creates an airtight seal between your lips and the glass, enabling full, satisfying pulls. Enjoying wax concentrates on-the-go has never been easier or more enjoyable. MJ Arsenal made sure to make the Hydra virtually spill-proof, guaranteeing a hassle-free dabbing experience. The Hydra is pocket-sized, enabling easy hits on-the-go, but it packs tried-and-true water filtration into its compact build to deliver dense and potent rips every session.