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  • The new Herbalizer Steamroller takes vaporizing with the Herbalizer vaporizer to new, unprecedented heights. Designed to provide cleaner, smoother, tastier and more intense direct draws, this hand-blown glass steamroller is manufactured by Herbalizer specifically for the Herbie.
    • 9 Inches
    • Hand-Blown
    • Air Carb Hole

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Herbalizer Vaporizer Parts

The Herbalizer vaporizer lives up to the flashy "Rolls Royce of vaporizers" comparison it so often receives by boasting uber-advanced heating technology, high-grade materials, and perhaps the purest vapor quality achieved by a vaporizer as of yet. Herbalizer parts are equally noteworthy, made of high-quality materials with sleek yet functional designs and available at affordable rates when compared with other vape parts.

Herbalizer Parts for Different Modes of Inhalation

Variety is the spice of life. With the Herbalizer vaporizer there's no shortage of options for inhalation. Herbalizer squeeze valve balloon-bags are great for sharing vapor around the room or for advanced vapers who can handle more hits. Operating Herbalizer balloons is simple. Squeeze the valve, attach it to the Herbalizer, and fill it with pure tasting vapor. For users who prefer the smoothness of moisture-conditioned vapor, the Herbalizer steamroller glass bubbler attachment moisturizes and purifies vapor as it travels up through the water chamber in tiny bubbles. For lovers of traditional whip-style vaping through a food-grade tube, the Herbalizer whip system fits snugly in the Herbalizer, has an adequate 3 foot length, and is flexible to avoid cracking and give you leeway for vaping from anywhere around the device.

Herbalizer Vape Parts for Vaping Dry Herb or Waxy Oils

The Herbalizer is famous for its dry herb vaporization, but it's also compatible with wax concentrates. For dry herb vaping, we have replacement Herbalizer screens available for when resin build-up or heat damage has had the best of your vaporizer screen. Herbalizer screens are made of stainless steel, come in packs of 6, and are designed for maximum air flow and filtration of your favorite dry herbs and aromatherapy blends. For wax concentrate enthusiasts the Herbalizer comes with Aromapads onto which waxy concentrates and essential oils can be dabbed then loaded into the Herbalizer. The Herbalizer features a magnetic bowl with a stainless steel interior that is sized perfectly for dry herb and wax vaporization. Replacement Herbalizer bowls are easy to attach and come at an affordable price.

Herbalizer parts play an essential role in getting the most out of the best celebrated desktop vaporizer of our time.