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  • The Small Glass Pipe places quality smoke sessions in the palm of your hand. A high quality glass design with magical spirals delivers robust, potent rips. The classic carb hole lets you control your intake, while a spiraling smoke path cools rips down. Easy to use, clean, and carry, the Small Glass Pipe is an essential tool for on-the-go hits.
    • Colors Will Vary
    • Spiraling Air Path
    • High Grade Glass

    Special Price $9.99

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  • The Famous Brandz Strawberry dry herb water pipe is one of the most compact units in the line of Cheech and Chong Up in Smoke water pipes. This beaker style dry herb pipe is constructed with 100% borosilicate glass that preserves the true flavors and aromas of your dry herb strains. The more compact 7" height makes the Famous Brandz Strawberry water pipe travel-friendly and easy to use around the house. The contoured neck bends toward you for convenient hits, and the male 14mm bowl holds an ample amount of dry herb. The Cheech and Chong Up in Smoke Strawberry moisturizes smoke for cooler, easier hits of your favorite dry herb strains.
    • Borosilicate glass
    • Compact Build
    • 14mm Male Bowl

    Special Price $74.99

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  • Boasting a completely original design and patented waterless filtration system, Genius Pipe is a loose leaf pipe of unprecedented ease-of-use and quality. Genius Pipe will fit in your pocket or purse, perfect for smoking on-the-go. Unlike bongs and bubblers, Genius Pipe cools and filters smoke using a waterless filter that doesn't water down the flavor and aroma of dry herb.
    • Waterless Filtration
    • Magnetic Attachments
    • Anodized Aluminum

    Special Price $89.95

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  • The Famous Brandz Cheech & Chong Up in Smoke Anthony concentrate pipe delivers comfortable, tasty vapor that the everyone's favorite stoner duo would be proud of. Smoke smooth hits from your waxy oil and concentrates through this 100% borosilicate glass concentrate pipe, which stands at 9" tall. The Famous Brandz Anthony concentrate pipe is a true desktop dab rig. The all-glass female dome and nail ensure thorough heating of wax concentrates that delivers big, milky clouds. The Famous Brands Anthony concentrate pipe features a bent neck for convenient hits, and double-shelf percolator that thoroughly moisture-conditions smoke for smoother draws. Ideal for waxy oil lovers with a taste for full, flavor-rich hits.
    • Borosilicate Glass
    • Female Vapor Dome
    • All-Glass Nail

    Special Price $74.99

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  • The Famous Brandz Cheech & Chong Up in Smoke Clyde is a mini double chambered water bubblerfor enjoying smooth, flavor-rich hits from your favorite dry herb strains. Crafted from 100% borosilicate glass of a very high quality, the Famous Brandz Clyde water pipe delivers moisture-conditioned hits from a compact unit that's easier to handle than larger water pipes. The double chamber of the Famous Brandz Clyde dry herb pipe lengthens the air path to give smoke ample time to cool off as it travels to your mouth. Enjoy double the water filtration and moisture of the average dry herb water pipe. The Cheech and Chong's Up in Smoke Clyde water pipe lives up to its name, producing deliciously moisturized smoke that the famous duo would totally dig, man.
    • Borosilicate Glass
    • Double Chamber
    • Water Filtration System

    Special Price $45.99

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  • The Pyptek Prometheus Nano Pipe is a modernized chillum-style glass pipe with an aircraft-grade anodized aluminum shell.
    • Borosilicate Glass Core
    • Aerospace-Grade Aluminum Exoskeleton
    • Pocket-friendly

    Special Price $49.99

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  • The Atomic Bianca Dab Rig - 5" is an elegant glass water pipe with a compact size for dabbing on-the-go. Equipped with a high grade glass nail, the Atomic Bianca pipe delivers huge, highly concentrated dabs from your favorite wax concentrates.
    • 5" Tall
    • Glass Nail
    • Beaker Style

    Special Price $29.99

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  • Pyptek Prometheus Pocket Pipe combines the on-the-go rips of a glass hand pipe with the durability of aerospace-grade aluminum.
    • Aerospace-Grade Aluminum Shell
    • Borosilicate Glass Pipe and Bowl
    • Filter Screen

    Special Price $84.99

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  • The Famous Brandz Jade East Concentrate Water pipe is a compact, yet powerful dab rig for smoking waxy oil concentrates. Part of Famous Brandz Cheech and Chong Up in Smoke line of water pipes, the Jade East pipe is crafted using the finest borosilicate glass, which delivers the essential flavor notes and aromas of your dry herb in smooth, tasty draws. At just 7.25 inches tall, the Famous Brandz Jade East concentrate pipe is travel-friendly and easy to carry around. The showerhead downstem ensures optimal moisturizing of your smoke for truly comfortable hits that taste and smell great.
    • Borosilicate Glass
    • Compact Design
    • 14mm Ground Glass Connection

    Special Price $74.99

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  • At just 3" in length, this palm-sized Glass Chillum hand pipe is perfect for passing around the room or quick hits on-the-go.
    • High Quality Glass
    • Ergonomic Build
    • Compact 3" Size

    Special Price $14.99

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  • Stream across the Milky Way with the Famous Brandz Snoop Dogg Pounds Starship Water Pipe. This compact but mighty 6" hand-blown piece is equipped with an herb bowl and quartz banger for wax AND herb use. The high grade borosilicate glass delivers extra flavorful, cool rips. With an on-the-go design, you can enjoy dense, flavor-rich hits from anywhere in the galaxy.
    • Compact Design
    • 14mm Ground Glass Connection
    • Herb and Wax Compatible

    Special Price $119.98

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  • This version of the Genius Pipe for dry herb comes in three stylish color combinations: Black/Blue (Cobalt Blue), Black/Gold (Egyptian Treasure), Green/Silver (Liberation). The Genius Pipe is an innovative dry herb pipe that filters and cools hits with a patented waterless filtration system. Compact and discreet, the Genius Pipe is made up of two magnetically attached plates with thousands of vortices on the interior of each plate. When connected, the vortices combine to create an extended vapor path through which smoke is purified and cooled off. The simple two-plate, magnetic design of Genius Pipe also enables quick and easy cleaning. Because Genius Pipe filters smoke without water, the essential aromas and flavors of your favorite dry herb strains and waxy oils are preserved in each draw. Expect delicious hits, easy maintenance, and usability that's downright genius.
    • Waterless Filter
    • Sliding Cover
    • Magnetic Connections

    Special Price $99.95

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  • Travel into deep space with The Battleship! The Famous Brandz Snoop Dogg Pounds Battleship Water Pipe features a premium hand-blown borosilicate glass design with triple honeycomb turbine percolators that diffuse smoke three-fold for exceptionally pure, smooth hits. Compatible with dry herb and wax concentrates, the Famous Brandz Battleship pipe comes with a quartz bucket, dome and nail, glass tool, and a dry herb bowl for smoking herb and wax at the same time. This 12.6" glass water pipe fits comfortably in hand with a tilted neck and flared mouthpiece for extra potent hits that will launch you into outer space.
    • Triple-Stacked Percolators
    • Tilted Neck
    • Flared Mouthpiece

    Special Price $279.98

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  • Travel to galaxies far, far away with the Famous Brandz Snoop Dogg Pounds Spaceship Water Pipe! This compact but powerful 6" handblown beauty is constructed with the highest quality borosilicate glass. An extra thick launch-pad base keeps your sessions solid while a ruffled percolator diffuses smoke into the water chamber for moisture-conditioned rips. The neck is curved with a nozzle mouthpiece for ergonomic hits. Designed for use with wax concentrate extracts, the Snoop Pound Spaceship Water Pipe comes with a quartz bucket, dome, and nail, and a glass tool to empower your galactic journey.
    • Launch-Pad Base
    • Curved Neck
    • 14mm Ground Glass Connection

    Special Price $219.98

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  • The Famous Brandz Cheech and Chong Up in Smoke Pedro water pipe provides smooth and cool hits from dry herb with an all-glass build, moisture conditioning system, and a showerhead percolator that filters and moisturizes smoke. This 8" dry herb water pipe is ideal for home use but is perfectly travel-friendly with a smaller size and sturdy build. Cheech and Chong would be proud of the Famous Brandz Pedro pipe, which features 100% borosilicate glass of the highest quality and a two-tone color style that looks groovy. The Cheech and Chong Up in Smoke Pedro has 14mm male bowl, and a straight neck that extends the airpath to allow smoke to cool off for smoother hits.
    • Borosilicate Glass
    • Two Tone Color
    • 14mm Ground Glass Connection

    Special Price $114.99

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  • Genius Pipe Evolution Slider is a welcome upgrade to the Classic Genius slider with easier packing, increased bowl size and improved airflow. When you slide the round opening of the Genius Evolution Slider over the bowl, the thickness of the slide adds more depth. Switch between the small and large opening based on the extent to which you'd like to burn the contents of the Genius Pipe bowl. You don't need to remove the entire Genius Evolution Slider to check if the bowl is spent. Just slide it to the large round opening to inspect the bowl. Genius Evolution Slider follows the 4th rule of Zen design, melding function with aesthetic with an intense focus on the essential.
    • Easy Loading
    • Deeper Bowl
    • High Grade Metal

    Special Price $24.99

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  • The 14mm Quartz Banger is compatible with any 14mm female pipe.
    • 14mm Male Connection
    • High Grade Quartz
    • Low Temp Dabs

    Special Price $19.99

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  • Smokit - The Portable Smoking Kit is an all-in-one dry herb smoking kit. The Smokit features a cigarette-like multi-hitter pipe, grinder card, silicone no-stick container for concentrates, and a dabber/poker tool--all packed into a compact box that won't burden your pocket.
    • Multi-hitter
    • Silicone Wax Container
    • Herb Container

    Special Price $24.99

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  • The Medium Glass Pipe delivers bigger hits while still offering a portable design. Made out of high quality glass with beautiful colors spiraling through it, the medium glass hand pipe promotes even burning, smooth rips, and a pocket-friendly smoking experience.
    • Assorted 5 Pack
    • Colors Will Vary
    • High Grade Glass

    Special Price $49.99

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  • The 7" GRAV Circuit Rig packs powerful water filtration into a compact design for the ultimate dab rig experience. An innovative circuitous water jet percolator system keeps water in continuous rotation for the duration of your hit.
    • NOTE: Label Colors Vary
    • Borosilicate Glass
    • 14mm Female Joint Domeless Quartz Nail

    Special Price $79.99

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  • The GRAV Gravitron - 11" perfects the highly potent rips of a gravity pipe with the first all-glass gravity smoking system. The outer base is designed to be filled with 8" of water.
    • 11" Height
    • High Grade Glass
    • 12mm Funnel Bowl

    Special Price $59.99

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  • The GRAV Gravitron - 14" is the larger of GRAV's gravity water pipes. Constructed from high-grade borosilicate, the Gravitron perfects the unique smoking technique of gravity pipes with an elegant and functional design.
    • 14" Height
    • High Grade Glass
    • 12mm Funnel Bowl

    Special Price $63.99

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  • All systems are go with Famous Brandz Snoop Dogg Pounds The Mothership, a 13.4" handblown water pipe with a powerful percolation system that delivers the smoothest rips in the galaxy. Featuring dual-dome, barrel percolators, The Mothership water pipe diffuses smoke into a purifying bed of water, cooling each hit before it reaches your palate. Expect thick, intensely flavorful clouds from a truly out-of-this-world water pipe.
    • Dual Dome Design
    • Barrel Percolators
    • 14mm Ground Glass Connection

    Special Price $259.98

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  • The Famous Brandz Snoop Dogg Pounds Rocketship Water Pipe sends you hurtling through space with a rocket-shaped straight tube, handblown borosilicate body and launch-pad base. This 11.4" herb pipe also features an ice-catcher for cooled hits, and a downstem percolator that showers smoke into a bed of cleansing water to ensure smooth sailing along your intergalactic journey.
    • Straight Neck
    • Ice Catcher
    • 14mm Ground Glass Connection

    Special Price $199.98

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Glass water pipes offer a traditional method for smoking tobacco, dry herbs, and other herbs that is simple, enjoyable, and effective. Similar to a hookah but more compact and portable, these filtration devices feature an air-tight water vessel with a bowl for loading herb and a stem for guiding smoke down into the water. Each hit bubbles upward from the water, purified and cooled, as you inhale through the top chamber. While glass pipes come in many shapes and sizes, the essential function of delivering smoother, cooler, and purer hits is the same across the board. Smoke is purified, moisturized, and cooled before it reaches your lungs, making for a more comfortable hit.

For those who prefer concentrates, dab rigs are a type of glass pipe for wax and oils.


Smoking pipes generally feature a simple design--bowl, stem, bottom chamber, top chamber--and a high grade borosilicate glass build. This makes them easy to clean, and guarantees smooth, tasty hits. Operating this type of device is equally simple, making it the ideal choice for those who want a hassle-free way to smoke smoother, cleaner hits.

There’s a reason this smoking method has been popular for over 2 millennia. Smoke pipes offer big, smooth rips with a chilled quality, minimizing harshness. These pieces offer a better alternative to devices that lack advanced filters. Rather than create pure smoke, they filter out harmful particles so each rip is easier on your lungs.


To take a hit from your piece, simply load the bottom chamber with water, place herb in the bowl, and light it while inhaling through the top of the glass water pipe. When you take a hit from a glass smoking pipe, smoke is pulled from the bowl through the stem and into the water compartment, bubbling upward through the chamber and into the user’s lungs. When a good amount of smoke has gathered, the user removes the stem from the device so the remaining smoke can be inhaled.


Glass smoking pipes are generally very easy to clean. Made of high quality borosilicate glass, the surfaces are non-stick and can be wiped down with ease. For light cleaning, users simply empty out the water and the wipe down the chamber, stem, and bowl with isopropyl alcohol or an alcohol-free cleaner like Agent Orange. To lightly clean the bowl, you can insert a pipe cleaner into it, pushing down into the stem and brushing it clean.

If your glass water pipe needs a more thorough cleaning, you can fill it with isopropyl and salt, plug the bowl and opening of the top chamber with rags, then shake the unit vigorously. Afterward, simply pour out the isopropyl and wipe inside of the chamber down. It’s unlikely this shaking method will clean the stem, so make sure to run a pipe cleaner doused with isopropyl into it for good measure.

The more often you clean, the easier each cleaning session will be. But you can also use Piece Water, a water-pipe liquid alternative, to ensure that less grime build ups on the inside walls of your glass pipe.

For more information, read our blog about how to clean glass pipes.


Smoking pipes do an exceptional job of extracting flavor, aroma, and effects from herb--and sometimes waxy oils. But you can get even more enjoyment out of your smoking materials by storing them in an airtight container. This preserves the freshness of the herb or wax. If you own a dry herb pipe, TightVac containers are airtight, water-resistant and discreet vacuum-sealed jars that keep plant matter extremely fresh. On the other hand, if you smoke wax concentrates, a NoGoo container is an essential tool. It’s silicone, non-stick walls ensure no wax is lost while in storage. Both the TightVac and NoGoo line of containers come in a variety sizes to meet whatever your storage needs maybe.


There are a variety of water pipes available depending on your preferences. From waterpipes that provide the optimal level of water filtration through percolation to large-chamber beaker pipes down to double-chamber pieces that offer smoother hits than single-chamber units.

Percolator Water Pipes

Percolator pipes sift smoke through numerous small holes beneath the water, producing thousands of tiny bubbles. This ensures that smoke comes into even more contact with water, cooling it faster and purifying it more thoroughly. This type of glass piece comes in a variety of styles, each offering a different level of drag, smoothness and purity. 

Units like the Famous Brands Anthony feature showerhead percolators that diffuse smoke into the water similarly to how a showerhead sprays, ensuring that the hit is thoroughly moisturized through water-filtration. Showerhead percs are some of the most efficient bubblers, guaranteeing that more of the smoke’s surface area is exposed to the water in the bottom compartment for much smoother rips.

Beaker Water Pipes

Beaker-style water pipes feature bigger bottom compartments with more water, making for smoother hits. Because the smoke must pass through more water than it would in a unit with a smaller bottom chamber, the draw resistance of beaker water pipes is higher. The smoke production of these pieces is dense, comfortable, and clean. Beaker pipes like the Famous Brandz Strawberry feature a contoured neck that bends toward the user’s mouth for convenient hits. The beaker is ideal for those who want smoother hits and don’t mind higher draw resistance.

Double Bubbler

Double-chambered pipes offer double the water filtration. Smoke passes through the first chamber, clean and moisturized, before passing through the second chamber for another round of water filtration. The Famous Brandz Clyde features a dual-chamber bubbler design, lengthening the air path to give smoke more time to cool off, and doubling up on the water-filtration. Users will experience more draw resistance with these units because the smoke takes more time to travel through the water, however each hit will be extremely comfortable and freer of particulates.


With a variety of options available, it’s important to know what sets each apart, and what that means for your smoking experience. We recommend asking the following questions about the piece you’re considering buying.

Is It the Right Size?

Water-pipes, hand pipes, and other glass smoking pieces come in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you want to travel with your device, you’ll want a more compact unit along the lines of the Genius Pipe, a super stealthy portable unit that purifies and cools smoke using an innovative filter. There are also relatively compact glass pipes that can be carried in a bag. If you’re a home smoker and prefer larger hits, a bigger piece will do. 

Is It Within Your Budget?

In the glass pipe world, you generally get what you pay for. That extra cost translates into better materials, designs, and, ultimately, hits. That said, there are several affordable pieces that still deliver excellent rips. Famous Brandz, for example, makes pieces between the $50 and $100 range that feature high borosilicate glass, sleek designs, and excellent smoke production.

Does It Deliver the Hits You Like

Water pipes differ in the smoke profiles they create. Knowing what type of hits you prefer, and which water pipes deliver them, is key. Percolator pipes have smooth, comfortable hits, but more draw resistance. Double chambered water pipes like the Famous Brandz Clyde provide extra filtration and cooling. Some pieces are designed for dry herb, while others are made for concentrate consumption. Knowing what you want, and how to get it, will help you find the best glass pipe for you. Our product pages contain in-depth breakdowns of each piece to help you make the right choice.


If you’re buying a new water pipe, or you’re new to smoking, you might want to invest in a unit that’s easier to use. You also want to make sure the pipe creates smoother hits if you’re a novice at smoking. This will ensure less coughing. If you’re experimenting with smoking, it’s always a good idea to try an affordable unit first to make sure you like it.

Other Glass Pipe Tips

  • Water pipes create smoke. Smoke can leave lingering aromas that may blow your cover. If you’d like a discreet way to enjoy smoking, blow each hit into the Smoke Buddy, a device that strips smoke of its odors.

  • To ensure even combustion of the bowl, stir the herb around between hits so every inch of surface area is touched by the flame of your lighter. You can accomplish this using stir sticks.

  • Cleaning your piece often will ensure the best performance and help you avoid having to do a deep clean by preventing heavy build up of resin or other residues. Isopropyl alcohol is the most common cleaner.

  • Waterpipes are generally available in three different joint sizes: 10, 14, and 18 millimeters. Take note of your water pipe size when purchasing new parts as they will need to fit the exact dimensions of your piece.