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  • The Eleaf iCare Mini Vaporizer is a trimmed down version of the original iCare vaporizer but that does not mean you are losing any functionality. This ultra compact vaporizer features a tank that offers a 1.3 mL fill capacity.
    • Output Wattage: 15W Max
    • Resistance Range: 1.0 - 3.5ohm
    • 1.3 mL Tank Capacity

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Eleaf vaporizers boast excellent ejuice vaporization on-the-go with powerful mod batteries that are super compact, making them ideal for vaping on-the-go. Eleaf is dedicated to delivering high quality eliquid vaporizers for those with busy lifestyles and a taste for big clouds of delicious vapor. Eleaf vapes use mod batteries with variable voltage and wattage, enabling you to choose with precision your ideal temperature, then ramp up the power for flavor-rich, lung-expanding hits on-the-fly. Unlike most mods, Eleaf vaporizers are full-featured and dynamic, with Ohms meters, pass-through charging, and advanced safety features. Eleaf vapes are often compatible with nickel and titanium coils, making them the ideal companion for those who like to customize their vaping session. Overall, you can expect comfortable, flavorful, and impressively sized clouds from Eleaf vaporizers.


Eleaf mods boast some of the most powerful vape batteries in the industry, with variable wattage and voltage to give you full control over your vapor profile. You can toggle your Eleaf vaporizer resistance as well, giving you the opportunity to pinpoint the best temperatures for your preferred eliquid or vapor type. These ejuice vaporizers give you more control over your vape sessions than the average vape. You'd usually have a choice between presets or just a single temperature. With Eleaf vaporizers you can toggle temperature or wattage to an exact degree, leaving a great variety of vapor profiles at your disposal. Eleaf vapes also enable you to cloud chase with big, bountiful vapor clouds. That's thanks to the powerful mod batteries found in every Eleaf vaporizer. You can harness the power of mod in a compact, pocket-friendly vape that's easy to carry with you on your adventures.


Boasting a variety of features, Eleaf vaporizers empower your vaping sessions with advanced capabilities. Most Eleaf vapes have OLED displays with resistance level, voltage, wattage, and battery power so you can better control your vaporization experience. These visually pleasing displays have more advantages than LED displays, with improved brightness, contrast, and viewing angles. Eleaf vaporizer displays also consume less power than LED, extending the battery life of your Eleaf vaporizer. Eleaf vapes give you incredible command over your vaping, enabling you to zero in on the best wattage, voltage or temperature for your eliquids.