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  • The Famous Brandz Cheech & Chong Up in Smoke Clyde is a mini double chambered water bubblerfor enjoying smooth, flavor-rich hits from your favorite dry herb strains. Crafted from 100% borosilicate glass of a very high quality, the Famous Brandz Clyde water pipe delivers moisture-conditioned hits from a compact unit that's easier to handle than larger water pipes. The double chamber of the Famous Brandz Clyde dry herb pipe lengthens the air path to give smoke ample time to cool off as it travels to your mouth. Enjoy double the water filtration and moisture of the average dry herb water pipe. The Cheech and Chong's Up in Smoke Clyde water pipe lives up to its name, producing deliciously moisturized smoke that the famous duo would totally dig, man.
    • Borosilicate Glass
    • Double Chamber
    • Water Filtration System

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  • The GRAV x Jane West Upright Bubbler Pipe is a modern take on the iconic upright bubbler design. Delivering the smooth hits of a bong without the clunky size of most glass water pipes, the compact and easy-to-use GRAV Upright Bubbler by Jane West streamlines the water-filtered smoking experience.
    • Borosilicate Glass
    • 5.5" Height
    • Water Filtration

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  • The GRAV Hammer Bubbler is a compact 4" glass water pipe that delivers the smooth hits of a bong with a palm-sized hammer design. Made of high grade borosilicate glass, the Hammer Bubbler displays true flavors with a thermal-resistant airpath.
    • 5 Pack
    • 4" Tall
    • Borosilicate Glass

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  • The GRAV Helix Hammer Bubbler is a compact 6" glass water pipe that delivers the smooth and potent hits of a bong with a smaller, more manageable size. A Venturi chamber mouthpiece includes three air holes that circulate smoke to cool each hit before inhalation.
    • NOTE: Label Colors Vary
    • 6" Length
    • 32mm Tubing

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  • The Commander blunt bubbler is ready for battle with an extra thick and durable design and triple slit, base-connected percolator that delivers full-bodied blasts of smooth, potent vapor. Just fit your blunt or joint into the frosted port and light up.
    • 3.1mm Thickness
    • Triple Slit Diffuser
    • Army Tank Design

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  • The MJ Arsenal King Toke Blunt Bubbler puts a new twist on the original Martian bubbler, offering bigger, smoother tokes with a wider chamber and dual-slit diffuser. Featuring a unique pyramid design, the King Blunt Bubbler offers thorough water filtration with no risk of splash-back.
    • Mini Joint Bubbler
    • Dual-Slit Diffuser
    • Works with Most Joints and Blunts

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  • The Martian by MJ Arsenal is the first ever pocket-sized bubbler for enjoying smoother hits from your joints and blunts. Fit your hand-rolled item into the bowl of the Martian and take a hit.
    • Works with Blunts and Joints
    • Water Filtration
    • Pendant Hook

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  • The MJ Arsenal Merlin Recycler is a super compact blunt bubbler that doubles as a mini dab rig. Fit your rolled joint or blunt into the Merlin's mouth and enjoy smooth, moisture-conditioned hits on-the-go.
    • Mini Joint/Blunt Bubbler
    • Recycler Water Filtration System
    • Dual Wax/Herb Compatible

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Glass bubblers, also known as bubbler pipes, produce smoother, cooler rips by water filtering smoke. As you inhale, the pressure pulls smoke through a water chamber, creating bubbles that rise to the surface to deliver comfortable rips. Bubblers can come as attachments that connect to vaporizers via threading or rubber o-rings, but they can also take the form of a bubbler pipe with its own mouthpiece, bowl, and water filtration system. Glass bubbler pipes are popular with those who want easier inhales.


Bubbler pipes enable you to enjoy the moisture-conditioned rips of a bong with a more compact, easy to handle design. Generally, the entire glass bubbler pipe will be made of hand-blown borosilicate glass. The inert air paths of glass bubblers are thermal resistant, preserving the natural flavor profiles of dry herb and keeping hits cool. Glass bubbler pipes get their namesake from their water filtration systems, which bubble as smoke passes through the water chamber.


Water pipe attachments allow you to tame the hits of your vaporizer through water filtration. They generally attach via a threaded, ground glass or rubber grommet connection. This enables you to easily switch between vaping with your water bubbler or taking direct draws from the mouthpiece. Some vaporizers feature built-in bubblers, while others must be connected to a water pipe via adapter.