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Vape Parts for Wax Concentrate, Eliquid, and Dry Herb Vaporizers

VaporX manufactures vaporizer pens for wax concentrates, ejuice, and dry herb vaporization. VaporX vape pens boast advanced heating systems, premium materials, and versatility. The smartest strategy for maintaining VaporX vaporizers is by investing in vape parts. Replacing vaporizer parts keeps vapes running at optimal performance, and ensures a longer lifespan for the device.

Quality Vaporizer Parts

The VaporX Exponent Plus vaporizer is designed for dry herb, ejuice, and wax concentrate vaping. Vape parts for the Exponent Plus vaporizer include a wickless eliquid tank, ceramic dual coil herb atomizer, and a glass globe attachment for vaporizing wax concentrates and herbs. Whether you're replacing a broken vape part, or switching out a worn out vaporizer part for a new one, VaporX has the vape parts for you.