Atmos Power-Vape

by Atmos
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Heat-up Time
  • LCD Display
  • Range: 3.0V-6.0V
  • Variable Voltage Battery
  • Universal 510 Threading
  • Power Bank Functionality
  • Spring Loaded Connection
  • 2600mAh Lithium-ion Battery
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The Atmos Power-Vape is an advanced multifunction device that combines a variable voltage battery and power bank into one. It features a spring loaded connection and LCD display that manages the 2600mah battery. It also includes a special USB Charger the utilizes both micro and regular USB connections for charging all your electronic devices. The high-quality lithium ion battery features 510 threading, which makes it compatible with most heating chambers and cartridges. Since this battery is variable voltage, you can dial in the precise voltage level of your preference for a great vaporizing experience.

Note: Does not include heating chamber.

Additional Information
Warranty Info: 5 Year Warranty (Battery)
Dimensions: 2.25 x 6 x 2.5 in.
Weight: 1.00 lbs.
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    Atmos Power-Vape

    This is my first power unit and I've been doing some research on the many new power choices. I must say that when I first saw this on the product page I thought this would be the answer to my power source dreams. It looks massive, and that 2600mah battery should fire on Q every-time, and last until I'm satisfied. Actually, this unit has smart technology that shuts off the power to the atomizer/coil to avoid combustion. No matter how long you hold down the power button it only fires the heating source for the amount of time calculated by the smart technology. So, based on the voltage that you set between 3v to 6v, it powers the heating source just long enough to reach the vaping temperature and then automatically shuts down. In practice this is very efficient since it only uses the power needed each time for a single vape. So, for me at first this was annoying since all I wanted to do was just push the power button and vape, this power source is not intended to be used that way. So I went back to the instructions and took a closer look at using the power setting and how the smart technology features work. Once I used the smart technology feature properly I realized the benefits of this product. By setting the voltage for my material I get a consistent vape with enough power to enjoy an uninterrupted session. The one drawback I found is the 6v maximum power output. It is my understanding from research that the higher voltages provide a wider range of vaping temperatures to accommodate the expanding variety of products in the market. That means this unit may be obsolete sooner than later.

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Q: Can i vapor Shatter, Wax , dry herb on this product ¿

Asked By Richard on June 06, 2016

A: This can be used with wax concentrates when used in conjunction with a wax compatible attachment, such as the Atmos Kiln: